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Planning a Living Legacy

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Kim Westfall was boarding a red-eye flight when she received a tragic text message. The small town where she and her husband, Bob, lived had been hit by a tornado. But by the time she landed, Convoy of Hope’s trucks were already there and unloading supplies. “That’s just like Convoy,” she says. “It still brings tears to my eyes.”

Bob and Kim began working with Convoy of Hope through Westfall Gold events, where Bob is CEO. They immediately recognized a set of shared values. They felt confident that Convoy of Hope should play a key role in carrying out their charitable legacy intentions.

“We were impressed with the excellence and integrity of Convoy’s leadership team, which allows them to replicate what they are doing in any country they work in,” says Bob.

They determined their vacation home would go to Convoy of Hope and half of their estate would go to charities through a donor-advised fund.

Finally, their inheritance now encourages financial independence in their children and grandchildren and gives them incentives for continuing humanitarian work.

By taking the time to work through tough questions and choices, Bob and Kim created a living and lasting legacy for multiple generations — promoting financial stewardship and generous giving.

For more information about innovative giving to Convoy of Hope, click here.

Bob and Kim are members of Convoy of Hope’s Hope Society. Hope Society members are a committed group of donors who have visionary plans for the future and want to create a lasting legacy well beyond their lives.


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