Hope Education Network

Tomorrow’s Humanitarians Equipped Today

Convoy of Hope’s growing line of compassionate response curriculum is preparing individuals, churches, and both university and graduate students to effectively address human need.


Connecting theory and practice.

Hope Education Network® offers educational study materials within a compassion paradigm. Students learn to address human needs through best practices.

Convoy of Hope wants to equip students to participate in a movement that changes lives around the world. Every student can engage their head, heart, and hands no matter their passion, calling, or career.

Dr. Steve Pulis
Vice President, Hope Education Network

Program Objectives

Every Hope Education Network resource engages students in compassion.

Lessons promote humanitarian vision through training tools and mentoring.

College and graduate-level resources prepare students for service in whatever vocation they choose.

Study plans encompass U.S. and international response principles.

Curriculum promotes a collaborative environment that allows for internships, real-life projects, and skill development.

Hope Education Network tools can contribute to a university degree or community service certificate.

Curriculum packages can reduce a university’s cost and development time for new degree programs.


Hope Education Network equips higher-education institutions and community groups.

  • Study plans and lessons can contribute to undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Components of the degree programs are adaptable to certificate and badge training.
  • Lessons are effective within an easy-access online environment.
  • Curriculum plans can include domestic and international field mentoring.
  • Participants can pursue internship and career opportunities.
Hope Education Network partners include:


Bachelor’s and Master’s curriculum resources include:

Framework for Compassion

Students gain a broad understanding of compassion and how it can be applied today.

Applied Sustainability

Prepares students to meet the challenges of the destitute through compassion, cutting-edge technology, sustainable processes, and financially viable methods.

Leading Humanitarian Projects

Focuses on critical elements necessary to effectively plan, organize, and lead volunteers to complete community service projects.

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