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Every Student Engaged in Compassion

Convoy of Hope is all about multiplication. With a global vision to push back poverty and hunger, Convoy grows its mission as more compassion-hearted people come together to make a tangible difference.

Convoy of Hope Education is resourcing a new generation of world changers by providing curriculum that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of intervention to train participants in long-term solutions. 

Whether you are responding personally to needs in your community, serving with a team at a church or nonprofit, or completing your degree, Convoy of Hope Education courses can take you to the next level on your humanitarian journey.

Hope Education


Convoy of Hope equips higher-education institutions and community groups.

  • Courses can contribute to minors, undergraduate, or graduate degrees.
  • Components of the degree programs are adaptable to certificate and badge training.
  • Lessons are effectively offered through digital learning platforms.
  • Participants can pursue internship and career opportunities.
Our partners include:
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Connecting theory and practice.

Convoy of Hope wants to equip students to participate in a movement that changes lives around the world. Every student can engage their head, heart, and hands no matter their passion, calling, or career.

Dr. Steve Pulis
Vice President, Convoy of Hope Education
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Program Objectives

Every Convoy of Hope educational resource engages students in compassion.

Assignments provide practical training tools that can be implemented immediately.

College- and graduate-level resources prepare students for service in a variety of vocations.

Materials address U.S. and international response principles.

Curriculum promotes a collaborative environment that includes internships, real-life projects, and skill development.

Convoy of Hope Education tools can contribute to both university degrees and a variety of certificates.

Curriculum packages reduce a university’s cost and development time as a new degree program.

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