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Serving Is One of the Kindest Things You Can Do

Convoy Nation is a fanbase of kindness that’s made up of athletes, entertainers, and leaders who are committed to making the world a better place through Convoy of Hope. Together, we use our platforms, time, and resources to fight against suffering.

Our friends include:

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Programs that change the world.

Convoy Nation connects you to people in need. Whether the need is in your city or on the other side of the world, you can use your passion to do good.

How we work

Let’s team up.

Pro-Series Community Events

Our Pro-Series Community Events empower and equip athletes to serve working-class and impoverished families in their communities by providing Guests of Honor with groceries, haircuts, health and dental services, shoes, socks, and much more.

San Francisco 49ers Event
Pittsburgh Steelers Event


Convoy Nation Adventures allow friends to see Convoy of Hope’s work firsthand. Travel with Convoy Nation domestically or internationally to serve those in need.

Recently retired Carolina Panther, Jonathan Stewart, and his wife, Natalie, traveled to Nicaragua. While there, they held a football camp for children in our Children’s Feeding program and conducted a fashion show for women in our Women’s Empowerment program.

Our Advocates

Hear from our advocates.

Convoy of Hope’s programs address social causes that resonate with like-minded friends.

When friends of Convoy Nation advocate, give, network, and volunteer, lives are transformed, and hope flourishes.

Kirk Noonan
Leads Convoy Nation


“My generation has the opportunity to change the world. With Convoy of Hope, I’ve raised my voice and am using it to give people hope.”

Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

“Convoy of Hope is often first on the scene to bring help and hope to people devastated by disaster. And, they stay to complete the work long after the cameras have moved on. I have supported Convoy’s efforts since 2016 because they bring real help to people at their greatest time of need.”

Joey Logano Charlotte

Joey Logano

“One of my favorite events throughout this initiative has been the mobile distribution event with Convoy of Hope in Darlington, South Carolina. This was my favorite event because with just one truck, we were able to provide necessary supplies to almost 1,000 families. Plus, it was cool to see top NASCAR leadership and members from The NASCAR Foundation attend the event in Darlington to help make it a huge success.”

Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart

“Our first thought was Convoy of Hope. They have the resources, staff, and track record to get emergency food and supplies to those who need it the most.”


Vance McDonald

“Convoy of Hope is unbelievable at giving back and sharing hope with people across the world. To be able to give people hope and to use our platform to give back to those in need, I’m just thankful to be a part of it.”

Bradley Pinion

Bradley Pinion

“It just felt natural, I want to make a difference, these people want to make a difference and together we can make a difference… It has been an awesome partnership and an awesome friendship.”

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Serving made simple.

Serving is one of the kindest things you can do. Advocate, give, network, and volunteer so children and families are empowered to have better lives.

As a fan of Convoy Nation, you’ll join athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and everyday people in fighting hunger, poverty, and suffering with Convoy of Hope.