Convoy of Hope offers multiple world-class opportunities allowing students to develop skills based on personal goals, serve with team members on field-driven projects, and contribute to compassion work in the global community. 

Whether through an internship, work study, or short term shadow, Convoy provides real-world experience in carrying out its mission to have a driving passion to feed the world.


Today, Convoy of Hope is known for what we do. In the future, I hope we’re known for what you do.

Convoy of Hope President Hal Donaldson

What to expect

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What does a student experience with Convoy of Hope look like?

Convoy of Hope

This experience is for students looking to 1) gain academic credit at their university and 2) experience multiple areas of the organization.

Work Study

Work Study eligible students at approved, partner universities have the opportunity to fulfill their hours with Convoy of Hope. Contact us to see if your university qualifies for our Work Study Program.

Working Group Specific Internships

This experience is for students looking to 1) gain academic credit at their university and 2) experience one specific area of the organization for the duration of their semester.

Short-Term Shadow

This three-day experience allows students to observe an area of Convoy of Hope up close and personal.

Stories of Hope

Not Just Picking Up Coffee: Interns Help a Community in Need

The first half of summer has flown by. With the start of a new school year approaching, now is the time when school districts prepare for their students to return. Floors are waxed, repairs are made, parking lots are resealed, and buses are sent for inspection.
in-kind donation

Volunteers Help Convoy Make a Global Impact

Hands of Hope events are underway once again! These community service opportunities allow volunteers in and around Springfield, Missouri, to prepare relief supplies and kits at Convoy of Hope’s World Distribution Center.

Students in Action


Explore a nonprofit internship in
a field that interests you.

Convoy of Hope

Students will have the opportunity to rotate among three to four areas of the organization. This option is reserved for students looking to gain academic credit at their college or university.

Center for Agriculture & Food Security

Helping Convoy of Hope to resource, train, and equip a global network — consisting of individuals, families and communities — to address worldwide food and nutrient security.

Marketing & Communications

This team creates content that advances the organization’s programmatic, public relations, marketing, and fundraising goals.


Helping guide and support churches, businesses, and individuals by sharing what Convoy of Hope is doing to stand up for marginalized women around the world.

Disaster Services

Responding to disasters and humanitarian crises around the world, Disaster Services focuses on four objectives: preparedness and mitigation, monitoring, response, and recovery.

Community Events

Community Events helps churches reach their communities through events, using products strategically, and providing distance mentoring.


feedONE advocates, raises awareness, and raises funds for Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding initiative.

Field Teams

Field Teams facilitate opportunities for groups from churches, schools, or businesses, to serve people where Convoy of Hope is engaged in the U.S. and around the world.


Supporting the efforts of Convoy of Hope through data systems, accounts payable, donor data management, and charitable giving compliance.

Global Program

As Convoy of Hope serves a global community, our Global Program initiatives focus on these Children’s Feeding, Agriculture, and Women’s Empowerment.

Information Technology

Supporting the efforts of Convoy of Hope through internal digital products, cyber security, and ongoing support administration.

Rural Initiatives

Working alongside rural communities to address the needs they prioritize through resourcing, training, and serving.

Volunteer Engagement

Engaging volunteers in the work Convoy of Hope does both locally and through churches and businesses across the United States. 

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