‘If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.’

—Mother Teresa

Join the thousands of people who have committed $10 per month to feed a child. Through feedONE, you will provide life-changing food every school day to a child in need. Currently, Convoy of Hope is feeding more than 465,000 children around the world. With your help, many more will be served nutritious meals in our continued effort to feed the world.

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Feed the hungry.

Joining feedONE is easy, fast, and changes lives forever.
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A hungry child is fed
International children's feeding

Feed a child today.

Donate $10 per month to feed a child.

On your Campus

On your campus.

Feed children by bringing feedONE to your school or student organization.

At Your Church

At your church.

Let your faith take action by feeding children through feedONE.

Stories of Hope

Find out about feedONE advocates and the children we feed.

feedONE is someone’s dream to do something bigger than themselves. It’s about feeding children, not out of obligation, but because every kid deserves to be fed.

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