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Join the thousands of people who have committed $10 per month to feed a child.

Convoy of Hope is currently feeding more than 571,000 children around the world. With your help, many more will be served nutritious meals in our continuing mission to curb malnutrition.

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How it works

$10 will feed a child every school day for a month.

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You donate.

Feed a child. Simple, affordable, and effective. Your $10 per month connects you with thousands of people who are committed to curbing malnutrition.

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Convoy delivers.

Convoy maximizes your donation by combining it with meals supplied by Convoy’s amazing partners or by purchasing food locally.

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Children are fed.

Convoy of Hope delivers meals around the world. Vitamins, deworming medication, and access to clean water are also covered through your support.

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‘If you can’t feed a hundred people, then   feed just one.’

Mother Teresa

Ways to get involved.

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Make a difference in a child’s life today.

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Stories of Hope

Stories about the
children we serve.

feedONE is someone’s dream to do something bigger than themselves. It’s about feeding children, not out of obligation but because every kid deserves to be fed.



Why feed a child?

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Nearly one-third of the world’s population are moderately or severely food-insecure.

Children fed by Convoy of Hope

A child dies every 10 seconds from malnutrition.

International children's feeding

In low-income countries, 73 million children attend school hungry.

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Insufficient nutrition compromises the immune system, leading to poor health and lower school attendance. It is estimated that 200-500 million school days are lost per year due to poor health.

Clean water is provided by Convoy's Children's feeding program.

1 in 4 people around the world lack access to safe drinking water.

Feed children when you donate

Globally, 85 million children are underweight.

Healthy Food Choices

A comprehensive overview that not only explores the importance of good nutrition but also provides practical advice on how to implement it in your children’s lives.

Topics Include:

— Effects of Good and Bad Nutrition
— Age-Appropriate Nutrition
— Creating a Meal Plan (With Examples!)
— Childhood Hunger and Insecurity
— Next Steps and Additional Resources

Download Our Healthy Food Choices Guide!

Gain a deeper understanding of good nutrition for children of all ages with our comprehensive e-book.

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Learn More About feedONE

feedONE is a campaign that supports Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program. Currently serving more than 571,000 children in 36 countries, feedONE believes a nutritious meal shares hope — opening the door for a child to be healthy and well-nourished.

We want every child we feed to receive meals that are a balance of nutritional value, local flavor, and context. Some locations build meals on highly nutritious, imported products like rice and beans, while others purchase all of their ingredients locally.

Yes. feedONE is a campaign that supports Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program.

feedONE mails donors a yearly giving statement and a receipt for each monthly donation as long as their address is on file. Donors also receive updates and stories in our feedONE emails.

No. To protect the identity and livelihood of the children we serve and to maximize our impact, feedONE does not allow direct communication with the children we serve. To get updates or read stories from children in our program, visit our website and sign up for weekly email updates.

Integrity and openness in financial practices are Convoy of Hope’s highest priorities. Convoy pledges to wisely steward entrusted resources by using every dollar to its fullest potential. Currently, nearly 92% of Convoy of Hope’s income funds programs that serve and empower vulnerable people.

Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred, then feed just one.” We’ve taken her words to heart. If this generation is unleashed to solve the planet’s great challenges, we believe that they will produce a whole new world.

The exact cost of food and transportation varies from country to country. We maximize your $10 donation by leveraging our network of vehicles, equipment, and expert staff and volunteers. Through local procurement, program implementation, and oversight, we ensure financial responsibility and program integrity.

No. feedONE administers assistance and provides food through a country’s network of local schools, orphanages, and churches. These locations are also known as program centers. This allows us to maximize our impact while also being cost-effective.

Your monthly donation can be updated by calling (417) 823-8998, emailing [email protected], or accessing the donor profile you set up at convoy.org.

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