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What We Do

Convoy:Women is a group of advocates for the women and girls Convoy of Hope serves.

Whether through hosting an event, raising support, or sharing on social media, we are standing up for marginalized women around the world. It’s our joy to empower women and girls to live independent lives free from the grip of poverty. If you are interested in joining Convoy:Women, click here.

2020 Women’s Empowerment + Convoy: Women Overview
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Women & Girls Empowered in 2022

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Women & Girls Empowered Since 2010

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Countries With Women’s Empowerment Programming


Enrolls a Girl in Girl’s Empowerment for One Year


Provides Seed Capital for One Woman To Start a Business


Enrolls One Woman in Women’s Empowerment

How We Work

Advocate for women. Strengthen communities.

Women’s Empowerment Engagement Information

Whether you are an individual, business, or church, you can get involved with Convoy:Women.

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Advocate for women at a Convoy:Women event
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Advocate for women on social media.

Participate in “One Day to Empower Women”

Give one day’s wage of your annual salary to help women and girls in need.

Learn More About “One Day to Empower Women”

Convoy:Women Events

Gather women in your circle of influence — whether in your home, church, or business — and make a difference for women in need.

Host an Event
Advocate for women at a Convoy:Women event
Donate change to advocate for women.
Advocate for women on social media.

Join the Change Her Story Campaign

Link arms with other women and change lives one penny, nickel, and dime at a time.

Learn More About Change Her Story

I threw a luau and set up a giving table for Convoy of Hope. Instead of birthday gifts, we had invitees give a donation. We raised over $800!

Advocate for women on social media.
Advocate for women on social media.

Advocate on social media.

Use your social media platforms to help empower women.


Explore Convoy:Women resources.

Digital/Print Resources

Statistics on Women and Girls
Women’s Empowerment Digital Booklet
Change Her Story Flyer
Women’s Empowerment Brochure
Convoy:Women Story Cards
Women’s Empowerment Engagement

Women’s Empowerment Videos


Married at 16, Esther’s options for her future were very limited. But with a little help, she has changed everything.

Girls’ Empowerment Overview

Learn about Convoy’s work to bring dignity, knowledge, and self-worth to girls around the world.


As the owner of a thriving salon, Erika looks back at the difficult path that led her to a new life.


Single mother, Sitota, decided to keep the child she was carrying and learned to support herself.


After her husband passed away, Teru joined Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program.


Every day, she’s up before the sunrise to open her business. Now Matilda and her son are thriving.


Some days, Violeta begged her children to forgive her for not feeding them. But her life turned around after finding Convoy of Hope.


From a childhood of abuse to a successful business owner, Janet has transformed her life.


Linette’s disability isn’t keeping her from pursuing a better life for herself and her family.

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