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One Day to Feed the World®

One Day to Feed the World®

Every meal is a step in the right direction. By taking part in One Day to Feed the World, you are helping transform lives through the power of nutritious food and clean drinking water. Together, we are helping kids, families, and entire communities on their journey toward brighter futures.

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What We Do

Your one day transforms their every day.

One Day to Feed the World is Convoy of Hope’s campaign that transforms lives. When everyone commits to giving one day’s salary, we harness the power of equal sacrifice instead of focusing on equal giving. When you give through Convoy of Hope, poverty and hunger are replaced by hope and love.  

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Convoy of Hope
Attn: “One Day” Gift
P.O. Box 1125
Springfield, MO 65801

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Feed the World

Why feed the world?


people in the world do not have enough
food to lead a healthy, active life.*


children under the age of 5 are too small
for their age due to insufficient diets.*

Like you, Convoy of Hope finds this unacceptable.

We believe every life has value.
Because of that, we’re determined to bring help and hope to the hurting.

*Statistics obtained from reports published by the U.N. World Food Programme and World Bank Group.


Explore resources and videos.

Download resources below to support your One Day to Feed the World campaign. Split-track and additional versions of these videos are also available upon request. Order your free, printed resources during the registration process.

One Day Leader’s Guide
One Day Logos & Graphics
One Day Handout

One Day: Overview

One Day: Bumper

One Day: It’s Time to Feed the World

One Day: Meet Kevin

One Day: Equal Sacrifice

Sophie’s Story

One Day: Equal Sacrifice (Spanish)

One Day: Equal Sacrifice – Extended (Spanish)

One Day: It’s Time to Feed the World (Spanish)

One Day: Meet Kevin (Spanish)

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