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Center for Agriculture Provides Growth Opportunities for Interns, Veggies & Chickens

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

“Welcome to the Center for Agriculture & Food Security.” These are the words we’ve used to greet nearly 700 people from over 35 countries so far this year who have come to learn and grow in their knowledge of agriculture. 

As a part of Convoy of Hope’s global agriculture strategy, the Center for Agriculture & Food Security (CAFS) allows us to build and expand the systems that are necessary to change tens of thousands of lives every year through agriculture training and resources. 

Agriculture is complex! If you’ve eaten today, someone or some part of agriculture was responsible. In a world where the challenges of food security, climate shock, and economic disparities loom large, the role of agriculture extension and demonstration becomes increasingly crucial. 

What Is Agriculture Extension & Demonstration?

Agriculture extension involves providing farmers and families with the necessary information, training, and resources they need to enhance their productivity and resilience. Demonstrations play a pivotal role by showcasing successful farming techniques and technologies in real-world settings. 

This hands-on approach bridges the gap between theory and practice, empowering individuals to adopt innovative methods that can significantly improve their yields and livelihoods.

CAFS 2023 cohort of interns and volunteers serve people around the world by helping Convoy complete scientific and practical experiments. Convoy then uses that knowledge to inform our programs around the world.

Partnership & Collaboration

Committed to combating hunger and poverty, Convoy leverages our Agriculture programming to empower communities around the globe. By collaborating with local farmers, governments, universities, and other stakeholders, Convoy facilitates the exchange of knowledge and best practices, fostering sustainable agriculture and food security. 

As part of our demonstration gardens, the CAFS farm has produced nearly 8,000 pounds of produce this growing season. The fresh vegetables were given to a local partner — the Least of These Food Bank — to supplement groceries for more than 1,200 families monthly.

In partnership with Evangel University and Missouri State University, several students have volunteered, interned, and incorporated the CAFS site into their regular classes. 

Convoy also partnered with the University of Missouri to demonstrate Oggun and Runt modified tractors. The goal is to find cost-effective supply chain-independent mechanization methods that serve the farmers in the field. 

Results & Resources

The impact of agriculture goes beyond immediate gains in crop yields. It promotes environmental sustainability by encouraging eco-friendly farming practices. Additionally, our methods contribute to economic growth by creating resilient and self-sufficient farming communities. 

When farmers and individuals are equipped with the proper knowledge and resources, they become key players in the global effort to achieve sustainable food security. 

To learn more about farming and growing your own groceries, you can find resources at our CAFS website. To take a virtual tour of the CAFS farm, check out this video.


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