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Lenin Learns About Livestock

Honduras Reported by Convoy of Hope

Lenin’s job as a welder in Honduras helps him take care of his wife and daughters, but he has dreams to improve the quality of life for his family.

In Honduras, 60% of the population lives in poverty — that’s more than 6.1 million people. Honduras is considered the second-poorest country in Central America. The country experiences high unemployment rates, chronic food insecurity, extreme climate events, and violent crime. 

Convoy started Children’s Feeding programming in Honduras in 2011. Shortly after, Convoy implemented both Women’s Empowerment and Agriculture initiatives to address long-term sustainability and development. 

Lenin and eight other families in his community have a unique opportunity: pig farming. Lenin is the leader of the group. “I have great responsibility, but it has helped me grow as a person.”

“The arrival of Convoy of Hope to our community has motivated and strengthened us to be able to work in areas that we haven’t had the opportunity to participate in,” he said.

Lenin is eager to learn more about agriculture and pig farming. He wants to grow the farm and earn a bigger income, all so he can provide a better life for his family and community. Those who know Lenin describe him as persistent, persevering, and committed. 

Together, Lenin and the other families in his community have worked hard through the challenges of learning to farm and take care of pigs. Now, they are sharing their knowledge with their community. 

“The Convoy of Hope team challenges us every day and motivates us to move forward,” he said.

From school gardens to commercial farms to community livestock, Convoy teaches the most effective agricultural practices for each community, and the transformation is life-changing. 

To help Convoy train more farmers like Lenin, donate to the Agriculture initiative.


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