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Center for Agriculture & Food Security

Convoy of Hope is passionate about equipping vulnerable individuals, families, and communities with the agricultural education, tools, and seeds they need to produce life-sustaining crops. When we give people the ability of knowing exactly where their next meal is coming from, it opens doors to the future — to freedom. Independence. Resilience. Peace.

To date, more than 110,000 individuals around the world have been resourced with education, tools, and one-on-one coaching through Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture initiative. Now, we have the opportunity to significantly expand our work to meet the rising worldwide need for food security.


Just a few of our outstanding partners:

“Convoy of Hope has always been dedicated to providing food solutions in challenging situations, and this center will help us do that better than ever before. We are equipped to be on the front lines of innovative solutions to change the world.”

Jason Streubel Ph.D.
Senior Director, Center for Agriculture & Food Security

Publications & Resources

The Center for Agriculture & Food Security is committed to bringing science to the people and people to the science. Our publications and resources are an integral tool in this process.



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Growing Out
of Poverty Through Agricultural Education

The Center for Agriculture & Food Security will exponentially increase Convoy of Hope’s capacity to train and resource people in need. Our goal is to help 100,000 farmers annually by the year 2030.

We hope the center serves as a beacon of hope to participants in the Agriculture initiative — becoming a place of training, demonstration, collaboration, and innovative problem-solving.

Animal husbandry in Agricultural education

In the U.S. and around the world, a gap exists between what “could be” and what “must be.” Individuals who want to grow their own food for the first time aren’t afforded the luxury of innovation. Every dollar and minute must be spent on guaranteed production — even if it’s inefficient.

Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are realizing for the first time that food security is a complex issue and that even the most reliable supply chains can be disrupted.

Agricultural education in Nepal

The Center for Agriculture & Food Security will help Convoy of Hope resource, train, and equip a global network — consisting of individuals, families, and communities — to address worldwide food and nutrient security.

Our team will demonstrate and teach innovative, practical, and contextually relevant solutions to help our program participants increase their yields — empowering them to provide for themselves and others.

Thousands of volunteers and visitors can see what agriculture looks, feels, and tastes like in different parts of the world. This will broaden their worldview and help them understand the importance of agriculture.

Demonstration Areas

For farmers to adopt innovative agricultural techniques, they must first understand the basic concepts, witness their success, and believe in their profitability. To prove these techniques effective, Convoy will create special demonstration areas, including:

  • Hoop Houses – These low-cost, high-reward structures empower farmers to leverage resources already at their disposal.
  • Orchards – In an orchard, the team can demonstrate proper pruning, growing, harvesting, and processing techniques.
  • Fields – Cultivating fields enables Convoy to show examples of different plant varieties and how to best grow them in various climates.
  • Animal Husbandry Barn – We will have the ability to demonstrate and teach the best methods for each aspect of animal husbandry with areas dedicated to livestock.
  • Greenhouses – These simple buildings could be divided into different climates — from warm and wet like El Salvador to dry and hot like North Africa. Building climate-controlled areas enables Convoy of Hope to create training resources, such as instructional videos for specific regions.
  • Storage Areas – Demonstrating proper storing techniques and instructing farmers how to efficiently process their own crops will benefit their families and communities.
Research, Experimentation Lab & Classroom

We believe Convoy of Hope has been called to conduct exemplary applied research — specifically centered on solving global challenges — using top-tier agricultural science in the lab and field alongside collaborators. Constructing a dedicated classroom outfitted with innovative technological enhancements will allow Convoy to teach, train, and help people around the world.


Utilizing Convoy of Hope’s web-based systems and face-to-face interaction, the center will come alongside key internal and external stakeholders — from university interns to pastors and families — to help them identify food security solutions within
their communities.

Collaboration, Engagement & Outreach

The center will promote collaboration among experts, universities, and farmers to find solutions for food security and production issues.

Technology & Training

Convoy of Hope’s agriculture experts have traveled the world to provide hands-on experience and agricultural education … but now, thanks to technological advancements, teams have the ability to reach more people while reducing travel. In the face of a pandemic or natural disaster, Convoy of Hope will leverage new training capabilities to continue serving vulnerable people.

Agricultural education at the Center for Agriculture & Food Security will …

  • Increase Convoy of Hope’s capacity and expertise.
  • Accelerate the organization’s progress toward feeding more children and helping more farmers every year.
  • Serve as one of the nation’s most reputable agricultural education training and coaching centers.
  • Showcase farming techniques to help partners catch the vision behind Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program.
  • Provide resources to assist local churches and communities with agriculture-related questions or issues.
  • Pave the way for building regional agriculture centers around the world.
  • Aid in the creation and implementation of novel training techniques.
  • Contribute exemplary applied research — often alongside collaborators — that will advance agricultural science and innovation.
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