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What would it take for a family of four in southwest Missouri to grow enough food to sustain themselves? What about a family in Nepal? Colombia? Convoy of Hope’s Center for Agriculture and Food Security is answering that question, ultimately connecting food to sustainability. 

Everyone can do something to live more sustainably. A great way to live sustainably is to plant your own garden. You don’t even need to wait until next spring! You can start your seedlings indoors early, ensure they are getting all the right nutrients, and get helpful tips by downloading this free guide on growing a better garden this year.

Download our Plant Nutrient Basics ebook here.


For Micheline, brutal gang violence and food insecurity is a constant reality for her and her family in #Haiti. It's been difficult for her parents to keep a steady income and put food on the table. Convoy currently serves more than 125,000 meals a day in Haiti in partnership…