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Filipino Children & Their Community Helped by Meals

Philippines Reported by Convoy of Hope
Filipino children are fed by Convoy

Hannah is both a participant and a volunteer with Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program in the Philippines.

Convoy began working in the Philippines in 2003 after numerous responses to disasters, which created strong partnerships in the area. The country is incredibly vulnerable to natural disasters — with the highest disaster risk worldwide. 

Aside from this, around 27% of Filipino children below the age of 5 suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition and food insecurity. Today, Convoy of Hope is feeding more than 65,000 children in the island nation through Children’s Feeding.

Hannah receives food from one of these program centers, but she also volunteers there as a teacher for the younger children. She reads them stories and teaches them songs. Her mom prepares the MannaPacks for them.

A MannaPack is a blend of fortified rice and vegetables that Convoy uses to ensure children around the world receive proper nutrition. “Sometimes we would only eat once a day,” Hannah said. “But when the MannaPack arrived, we were no longer hungry.”

Often, families and program centers choose to mix it with other common ingredients from their region. Hannah and the other children at her program center like when the MannaPack is used to make Arroz Caldo, which includes chicken.

Now, Hannah can focus more in school and dream of her future. Her goal is to continue helping other kids in her community. “I want to become a teacher so I can teach the children here whose parents don’t have the ability to send them to school,” she said.

Hannah’s generosity is inspiring. Because she has food security, she can help other Filipino children experience the same. To help other children like Hannah, donate to Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding initiative.

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