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Bakari Goes the Distance

Tanzania Reported by Convoy of Hope

Like many kids in Tanzania, Bakari has to walk a long distance to and from school every day. For some children, this distance is up to 18 kilometers, or more than 11 miles. This would wear on any person, but in a country where more than half the population cannot afford a nutritious diet, walking 22 miles day after day on insufficient food becomes impossible. 

Convoy of Hope began working in Tanzania in 2013. Now, Convoy feeds more than 10,000 kids all over Tanzania, including Bakari. 

“The food is good and delicious. … It makes me motivated to attend school every day,” Bakari said. 

Since Convoy often works through schools as feeding centers, families are motivated to send their children every day to receive regular, nutritious meals. This means more kids stay in school and get the education they need to better their futures. 

Additionally, Convoy often implements school gardens to provide nutritious food and life-changing education to local students. Through hands-on projects, students gain agriculture skills and learn about nutrition in a fun and engaging way.

In fact, Bakari’s favorite school meals include vegetables from the school garden. 

Bakari still has to walk a long distance to get to school, but the food gives him energy and motivates him to continue. Bakari has goals to go to secondary school, focus on science, and eventually become a professor at a college in Tanzania and help educate the next generation. 

“I would like to thank Convoy of Hope for the daily food provided at school,” he said. “That means a lot for our generation. May God bless you.” 

Thank you for helping Convoy feed more than 571,000 children like Bakari all over the world — the next generation of teachers, doctors, builders, and world leaders.


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