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Spring Into Summer at Convoy’s Center for Agriculture & Food Security

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

At Convoy of Hope’s Global Headquarters & Training Center, 25 acres are dedicated to resourcing, teaching, and equipping farmers in the United States and all over the world through Convoy’s Center for Agriculture & Food Security.

The Center for Agriculture & Food Security increases Convoy’s capacity and expertise, accelerates progress toward feeding more children and helping more farmers, and provides resources to assist local partners with agriculture-related questions and issues.

Additionally — to be good stewards of the harvest produced at the Center for Agriculture & Food Security — Convoy provides local food pantries with fresh produce to distribute to people in need. 

“As a byproduct [of research and demonstration], we have our beautiful vegetables and fruit,” said Convoy’s Faith Reese. “As good stewards, we want to make sure to use that.”

Convoy partners with Least of These — a food pantry in Ozark, Missouri — to bring quality produce to those in need. Last year, Least of These distributed over 3,300 pounds of Convoy’s corn, beans, watermelon, lettuce, and more to vulnerable people in their community.

Something New at the Center for Agriculture

Just as they use the farm to research, test, and demonstrate the best crop-growing practices, the team at the Center for Agriculture & Food Security raises chickens and goats to determine and share the best animal husbandry practices. 

An exciting new addition is a large chicken coop, where chickens are protected from predators and can safely grow, lay eggs, and provide food. Currently, the coop houses 35 broiler chickens and 18 laying hens, with room to house 100 chickens overall. 

The coop will increase Convoy’s ability to support Agriculture programming participants who pursue chicken farming. With the help of Convoy of Hope, farmers learn how to raise chickens, how to run a business, and how to pursue a future full of hope. 

The Little Tractor That Could

Last week, Convoy got a special delivery! The Runt tractor was delivered to the Center for Agriculture & Food Security. This two-wheel tractor changes the game for small-plot farming, reducing labor and improving production. 

Because of its size, power, and agility, the tractor is a great tool for Convoy’s family gardens and school gardens. Farmers can work more quickly, and also more efficiently, which increases food security for the community. 

The tractors that Convoy’s Center for Agriculture & Food Security evaluate utilize standardized implement parts, which can be found at most over-the-counter part stores. This improves mechanization accessibility, meaning something a farmer used to do by hand can now be done with the help of a machine. 

Access to tools like the Runt empowers communities on a global level, moving small farm operations beyond hand-tool mechanization and ultimately increasing food security. 

Spring has sprung right into summer at the Center for Agriculture & Food Security. Convoy is excited to see all this season brings. 


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