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Donate Bulk Commodities

Millions of people around the world lack access to nutrient-dense food. They are hungry for food. For opportunity. For hope.

The good news is that we can help

If you or someone you know is interested in donating crops or bulk food commodities, join Convoy of Hope’s mission to serve vulnerable communities by completing the contact form below.

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Convoy of Hope prioritizes transparency, integrity, and stewardship. Convoy is consistently among the United State’s top-rated charities.

Additionally, Convoy conveniently picks up loads around the country and ensures they get to wherever they’re needed most. Convoy covers 100% of the transportation responsibility.

Your donation will support strategic interventions around the world — many of which create sustainable impact in homes and communities.

Convoy of Hope can receive bulk crops, harvests, food commodities, and ingredients that might otherwise go unused. If you have crops that are not suitable for sale, you may be eligible to donate. This means that the product won’t go to waste and will benefit people in need. You could also receive a tax donation receipt.

Crops or bulk food commodities that are splits, #2s, short dated, excess, or gleanings often make great donations. Harvests that have damaged or blemished packaging can also be donated.

Since Convoy of Hope has strategic interventions all around the world, our needs are constantly changing. Complete the contact form to see if Convoy can utilize your donation!

Currently, Convoy of Hope uses bulk commodities and crops to support its Children’s Feeding program. Through this program, more than 571,000 children receive regular, nutritious meals in dozens of countries around the world. 

Convoy hopes to continue expanding international program work to serve more people each year through other initiatives, such as Disaster Services, Agriculture, and Women’s Empowerment.

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Get more information about donating crops today.

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Helping farmers around the world.

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