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Community Garden Flourishes in Colombia

Colombia Reported by Convoy of Hope

Colombia is one of Convoy of Hope’s newest program countries. The South American country is famous for its delicious coffee, flavorful food, and a collective love of soccer.

Colombia’s diverse climate, fertile soil, and varied topography give it significant agriculture potential. But vulnerable communities — like those in rural areas and among indigenous populations — often face limited access to the infrastructure and resources their crops need to thrive. This contributes to the food insecurity that more than 15.5 million people in the country face every day.

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

Jazmin could be one of those people. Instead, as a participant in Convoy’s Agriculture program in Colombia, she — and her community — are thriving.

At a community garden in rural Colombia, farmers like Jazmin grow lettuce, chard, carrots, cabbage, and more to share with their neighbors and families. These farmers are part of Convoy’s Agriculture program, which teaches production methods that encourage long-term sustainable practices.

One of those practices is making organic fertilizer and insecticides. Agriculture participants in Colombia learn to use a mixture of cattle and chicken manure, leaf litter, banana stems, and molasses to add nutrients to the soil. And since pests and insects can destroy crops at alarming speeds, farmers learn how to use natural insecticides — such as chili peppers, egg shells, lemons, and aromatic plants — to protect their plants and the environment.

“It helps us have healthy products,” Jazmin said. “We can eat them with peace of mind … and we can also give these products to our community, to those who do not have enough to eat. They know they are good and we produce them ourselves.”

The process of planting crops and seeing them come to fruition can be incredibly gratifying for the farmers. 

“I am very grateful because I have learned a lot from the garden,” Jazmin said. “You sow the plants with lots of love and when the first harvest comes, you say, ‘Finally, I have my plants and they are beautiful.’ And then you start to eat them.” 

Often, program participants give back through their new skills and resources. In Jazmin’s case, the farmers of the community garden share their harvests with the community.

“We feel gratitude and hope and a lot of joy. Joy because we are sharing with many people … Gratitude because you gave us the support.”

To help more farmers like Jazmin experience the joy of growing their own food and sharing with their communities, you can give to Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture initiative.


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