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Communities in Uganda Harness the Mighty Pigeon Pea

Uganda Reported by Convoy of Hope

Approximately 7.6 million Ugandans live below the poverty line. High rates of malnutrition are a direct result of the environmental challenges communities in Uganda face to produce enough food for the population. Amid severe drought, the 71% of the labor force employed in agriculture is struggling. 

Convoy of Hope addresses this food insecurity by promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Last September, more than 200 people attended a week-long seminar for pastors and church planters in Uganda. Convoy of Hope held agriculture training there, teaching families how to grow food in their homes.

“Food security, self-sufficiency, and sustainability are the goals we have for each agriculture training,” said Convoy’s agriculture specialist. “One of the best forms of hope you can have is food. When you’re not worried about feeding yourself or your family, you can look toward the future with hope.”

The crops people learn to cultivate will supplement the fortified rice and lentils given to them through Convoy’s Children’s Feeding program.

The Pigeon Pea

One of the most common crops grown in Uganda is cassava. Because it is drought-tolerant, it grows when not much else can. But without water to soak and boil the plant in, it can poison the consumer with cyanide — potentially even causing death.

To mitigate this terrifying reality, Convoy of Hope introduced Ugandan farmers to the pigeon pea plant. Like cassava, the pea is also drought tolerant. Fortunately, it contains no cyanide and actually fortifies the soil it is planted in. This makes it ideal for intercropping and acts as a great replacement for cassava.

Through Convoy’s Agriculture program, people learn the skills needed to break the cycle of poverty for themselves. Convoy’s agriculture specialists teach production methods that encourage long-term sustainable practices, increase food security, and inspire hope for entire communities.

To help Convoy continue the work of cultivating growth for both farmers and their crops, click here.

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