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Agriculture: Changing Lives With Seeds

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The story of Bauvoir Joseph, as told to a team member of Mission of Hope Haiti

For years I struggled to provide enough food and income for my family. Three years ago, I heard about Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture initiative, but my family lives in a remote area and I couldn’t make the journey to the class sessions.

This year, the program reached my area, and I was excited to participate. This was my opportunity to cultivate more land, have enough food to feed my family, and sell the harvest at market. I could finally earn enough money to send my kids to school.

When I started the sessions in August, I was filled with joy as I received seed packets. I am always the first one to arrive at the training because I love to learn about how to take care of the soil and my plants.

I know the portion of my harvest that I sell to the mission will go to Convoy’s Children’s Feeding initiative. The school my children now attend serves the food and they receive some of the crops I have grown. That makes me very proud.

I am thankful for the program because my family would still be struggling if I didn’t have the knowledge and the seeds I do now. They’ve changed my family’s lives.


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