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Ivania’s Story

Honduras Reported by Convoy of Hope

Since piloting Mothers’ Clubs in 2012, the Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment program has been training, educating, and empowering women in Honduras. Ivania — a wife and mother of three — has experienced the success of the program and looks forward to new opportunities in the future.

Before attending Women’s Empowerment classes, Ivania cared for her three young children and ran her own business while her husband, David, worked at the local gas station. Despite their hard work, they struggled to provide for all of their family’s needs.

“Before, there were a lot of bad situations,” she says. “For example, there was no food for lunches. It was hard. The kids often didn’t have diapers or milk. I didn’t have the money to afford them. There were a lot of struggles before.”

With just a sixth grade education, Ivania joined the Women’s Empowerment program to help get her business off the ground. She cherishes the information she has learned since being involved in Women’s Empowerment, such as customer service, business accounting, and investing. “I didn’t know any of this before I met Convoy,” Ivania says.

Ivania has set a goal of saving 6,000 lempira and has managed to save more than anyone else in the program. In order to meet her goal, she spends a majority of her business days delivering and fulfilling orders for her customers. She continues to grow her business through word of mouth but hopes to have a brick and mortar store someday.

Ivania is thankful for the experience and knowledge she has gained through the Women’s Empowerment program and the impact it has had on her life.

“Convoy taught me everything I know about business, and I’m putting it into practice. This is all a reality because of everything that Convoy taught me. The Convoy staff gave me confidence, and now I consider them my friends.”

Thanks to friends like you for supporting the efforts of Women’s Empowerment and changing the lives of women around the world.


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