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From Dreams, To Goals, To Better Lives

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“I have many dreams for the future. This will not end here,” said Melissa.

Melissa participates in Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment program in Guatemala. There, she is learning about cosmetology, how to run a business, and important values to increase her self-esteem and help her realize her full potential.

For many in Guatemala, a better life is just one pivotal opportunity away. Women’s Empowerment exists to provide those opportunities and create world-changers who will continue to improve their communities.

“I want to help other people who have not had an opportunity to pay for their studies,” said Angela, who also participates in Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment program in Guatemala. 

Angela plans to open a beauty salon of her own, using the skills she learned from the program. Her salon will be used to reach those who are struggling financially, need a confidence boost, or have difficult home lives.

Thanks to your support, programs like these provide life-changing opportunities to people in need all around the world. To learn more about Women’s Empowerment, click here.


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