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Plum Organics

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

Plum Organics, makers of organic baby food, showed up at several of our Community Events last year with pallets full of their best product for our Guests of Honor. Why? They would answer, “One in 5 little ones are starving right here in America.” Many of these children are chronically missing meals, others are “overfed and undernourished,” as Neil Grimmer, CEO of Plum Organics put it in this FOX NEWS interview.

We’re used to this kind of talk from nonprofits, but Plum Organics is a for-profit that grew up with a deep care for child health in their DNA. Their corporate website reads, “Plum believes every little one deserves the nutrients she needs to grow into her full potential.” That’s not just talk either. In 2012 they donated $350,000 worth of their best Organic Baby & Snack Food product to our outreaches and disaster responses.

In response to growing rates of child food-insecurity, Plum Organics launched the aptly-named social impact program The Full Effect and with it a new product called Super Smoothie. Designed by a pediatric adviser with input from organizations like ours, this smoothie is jam packed with vitamins and nutrients tailored for a child that’s missing meals and/or eating empty calories. It tastes good too!

But the best part is that Plum Organics is donating 500,000 of these smoothies to several nonprofits — including Convoy of Hope in 2013. A number they hope to double in 2014.


Convoy of Hope has now initiated and is currently responding to two more disasters — one in Missouri and the other in Florida. This marks Convoy's 750th disaster response since 1998. Here's the latest news you need to know:

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