Response Updates

Christmas Comes Early for Survivors of Maui Wildfires

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

Christmas is a special time of year for billions of people around the world. Families and loved ones gather, celebrate, give gifts, and enjoy the holidays. But when disaster strikes, plans are put on hold and recovery takes priority.

In early August, deadly wildfires decimated entire communities in Maui, Hawaii. Thousands of acres burned, homes and businesses were lost, and the fires took the lives of more than 100 people. With their homes in ashes, the people of towns like Lahaina were forced to take shelter in open hotels, friends’ homes, and even tents. 

Convoy of Hope responded to the disaster with relief supplies to help those whose lives had been turned upside down. Food, water, care kits, and battery boxes provided immediate relief for families in need, but the road to recovery is long and people are still in need.

The Simple Joy of a Toy

But our response didn’t stop there. Last weekend, Convoy held an event in partnership with King’s Cathedral church. Everyone who attended received boxes of groceries, baby items, hygiene supplies, and more. 

To the delight of everyone who attended, every child received a toy. For kids who might not have expected to receive much this Christmas, a stuffed animal or an action figure brought an immense amount of joy in the middle of a very dark time in their lives. 

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Wendell and Sonia Peters had experienced fires before. They were certain they’d return to their home within a couple of hours of evacuation. But when they did, they were met with a completely demolished home. They lost everything except for what they had packed 10 minutes before leaving. 

“You talk about hope. We were sitting in our home one day, minding our own business, when we got a knock on the door. And we go to the door and this convoy comes blowing through the front door with all of these things and just blessed us to the max,” they said. “We just appreciate Convoy of Hope. I know you were here from day one. You’ve helped us see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”


For Micheline, brutal gang violence and food insecurity is a constant reality for her and her family in #Haiti. It's been difficult for her parents to keep a steady income and put food on the table. Convoy currently serves more than 125,000 meals a day in Haiti in partnership…