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Planes, Trains & Tractor-Trailers: Convoy Delivers

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Twenty-five years ago, Convoy of Hope was just a few people with a desire to help others and a pickup truck full of groceries. Today, Convoy of Hope’s famous tractor-trailers drive hundreds of thousands of miles across the country each year, shipping food and supplies to more than a dozen countries around the world.

In the early days of Convoy of Hope, we didn’t know a lot about managing and coordinating facility operations and supplies. We had to learn as we went. We learned how to manage 10,000 square feet of leased warehouse space and a few trucks. When we moved into our 300,000-square-foot World Distribution Center, we found ourselves in a whole new playing field.

We continued to learn, and the team grew. Our original crew of one or two people has grown into our current Supply Chain team of 21. They take care of the food, water, and supplies we give out and make sure it all gets to people in need.

This year, Ginger attended a Convoy of Hope Community Event as a Guest of Honor in Cleveland, Ohio. She went to find shoes for her children, but found so much more. “If you have a need for one thing, probably you have a need for two or three other things,” Ginger said. “I really appreciate it.”

Those shoes and groceries would never have made it to Ginger and her family without the help of the Supply Chain team members who acquired the goods, packaged them, and delivered them to Cleveland. Additionally, thanks to incredible partners and supporters, Convoy of Hope is bringing in and sending out more product than ever before.

Over the years, the Supply Chain team has fine-tuned their processes and implemented new systems to increase efficiency, making it possible to serve more and more people. They’ve even received awards for their work, such as High Jump’s Customer Innovation Award for Stand-Out Business Benefits in 2018.

Convoy of Hope has served millions of people in the last 25 years and distributed more than $1 billion worth of food and supplies. None of this would ever been possible without the incredible people who work each day to make sure the hope our partners and supporters provide gets to those who need it most. 


Before joining Convoy's Women's Empowerment program in #Ethiopia, Gebeyanesh worked in a factory, but didn’t earn enough to support her family. Then she met Convoy of Hope and everything changed. “It has transformed my whole life," she says: