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Pastor Rallies Congregation To Deliver Clean Water

Reported by Convoy of Hope

In 2008, after a visit to Convoy of Hope’s World Distribution Center, Pastor Mike Burnette of LifePoint Church felt prompted to be a part of the solution for people in need. His passion caught on, and eventually, hundreds of his congregants in Clarksville, Tennessee, wanted to give money to buy filtration systems for people in need of clean drinking water.

After partnering with Convoy of Hope, LifePoint Church raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring clean drinking water to people nationwide and abroad. This small sacrifice is paying big dividends personally, and for the masses.

“I feel like one of my jobs is to put vision in front of our congregation,” said Pastor Mike Burnette.

A water filtration station is set up in the church’s atrium to demonstrate to everyone walking by how the system works.

“It’s a great need in our world,” he said. “Ron [from Convoy of Hope] told me that it’s $25 to provide a water filter for a family, and it could change their health and their life forever. I thought, that is one of the most practical, tangible ways we could jump into the mission of God and make a difference.”

Pastor Mike challenged his congregation to forfeit either fast food or drinks for 21 days and use that money to pay it forward. Not only did this change the lives of people in need of clean water, but it also changed the lives of those with plenty.

“We had a business owner. He had seen his money going to other things … but through this giving initiative, all of a sudden he saw not only his own finances, but his business as an avenue through which they could give generously,” Burnette said.

This business owner maintains 18 oil change centers. He reached out to each of the branches within the company and decided to create a goal of $25,000 — equal to 1,000 water filters. His overall aim is to write a check for $100,000 out of his company.

“It’s the first time he’s ever done anything like that where he didn’t see his money as a revenue stream just to bless him,” Pastor Mike said. “He sees it as an opportunity to engage all of his staff, all of his team members, and his company as an opportunity to make a difference.”


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