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Celebrating World Health Day With Proper Nutrition

Philippines Reported by Convoy of Hope

Nutritious meals can change the course of children’s lives. Having regular access to healthy food can mean the difference between a full, meaningful life and one of desperate insecurity.

Labhika is a perfect example. She used to go to school weak and unable to focus. The food insecurity her family faced put good grades at the bottom of her to-do list. When Labhika went home, she took care of her sick mother and struggled with grief from the loss of her younger brother. As the eldest child, it was Labhika’s responsibility to help maintain the household, care for her younger siblings, and help her father with chores. As a farmer, her father provided for the family in certain seasons, but couldn’t at other times of the year.

When Labhika began participating in Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, everything changed.

“It’s delicious!” she said of the food she received. Her favorite dish is rice and soy mixed with sauteed vegetables. Labhika proudly pointed out that she felt full.

Now that Labhika gets a warm and nutritious meal at school every day, she finds it much easier to concentrate and get good grades.

Full hearts and full lives are often a byproduct of full stomachs. Now that Labhika is excelling in her classes, she has taken it upon herself to help other classmates study and receive good grades. One day, she wants to be a teacher. She is also a running candidate for class valedictorian.

“Last year in the Philippines alone, we reached nearly 19,000 children through our Children’s Feeding efforts,” Convoy of Hope’s International Program Partner Relations Manager Erin-Rae Peace said. “What’s so incredible is that these are children who represent individual lives that are forever changed.”

For just $10 a month, you can feed a child warm, nutritious meals. This World Health Day, click here to learn more about how you can join in this mission.


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