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By Hal Donaldson

It almost seems like yesterday that Convoy of Hope was started. We were a skeleton crew doing the best we could to reach as many people as possible, but we all had the sense that we were at the beginning of something bigger than ourselves.

Over the last 20 years, I think about those first days, weeks, and months of Convoy of Hope often and am thankful and humbled. I’m thankful to the tens of thousands of friends and volunteers who’ve helped us in our efforts to help the impoverished. I’m thankful for the more than 63 million people we’ve served — who’ve proved to me that a small idea thought out of compassion can translate into something powerful.

When I hear stories like Jacqueline’s, I think of the thousands of children just like her that we’re feeding around the world and I thank God that small act of compassion in 1994 has led us to helping them. As you read Jacqueline’s story, I hope you’ll be reminded of the reason our work at Convoy of Hope is so important — now and in the future!

Jacqueline’s Story

As it climbed up a jungle-laden mountain in rural El Salvador, Convoy of Hope’s vehicle careened in and out of ditches, potholes, and drop-offs to get food and supplies to a remote school where 75 children are being fed.

“It’s often very difficult to get food and supplies up here,” says one of Convoy of Hope’s in-country team members. “Especially during the rainy season when the roads are muddy, but we still get it here. These children are poor and hungry and depend on us for food.”

A young girl named Jacqueline looks with anticipation as the school workers scoops a ladle of beans over a plate of rice.

“I’m so hungry,” she says. “Thank you ma’am!”

Jacqueline, 12, depends on food from Convoy of Hope to make it through the day. She lives with her single mom and three siblings in a dirt-floor hut. Her mother works in the fields and struggles to put food on the table but does the best she can.

“We felt horrible when we did not receive food,” adds Jacqueline. “We went hungry.”

Now, Jacqueline says she and her family are happier because they receive food at school. Convoy of Hope and its partners have been providing food to her school for more than a year.


Convoy of Hope has now initiated and is currently responding to two more disasters — one in Missouri and the other in Florida. This marks Convoy's 750th disaster response since 1998. Here's the latest news you need to know:

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