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Community Events in Nicaragua & Mexico Serve Thousands

Reported by Convoy of Hope
Nicaragua Community Event

Recent international Community Events in Nicaragua and Mexico served more than 3,300 Guests of Honor in vulnerable communities. In Nicaragua, the event took place in two communities — Barrio Canaan and Barrio Socialista y Solidaria — where volunteers served up 1,500 meals, distributed 850 bags of groceries, and provided health screenings and even veterinary services.

“As I walked through the outreach and visited the different stations and booths, I was moved to see so many kids and parents with smiles on their faces,” says Andrea Frey, Latin American regional manager. “From young to old, what I saw was something I don’t regularly see in a poverty-stricken country like Nicaragua … hope. It was a day for the community to rejoice.”

Mexico’s outreach served 2,000 Guests of Honor in the community of Queretaro, where free groceries, warm meals, and medical screenings gave many hope.

“It was evident that there were many people in great need in the neighborhood we targeted,” says David Speer, Global Initiative Field Coordinator. “We were honored to be there.”


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