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National Breast Cancer Foundation Inspires Hope

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As we reach the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re reminded that education and support for women is happening year-round thanks to Convoy of Hope’s wonderful partnership with NBCF.

And hope can often look like a pink tent.

In partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), Convoy has seen how they bring people hope at just the right time. Often working at Convoy’s Community Events, their pink tent is easy to find. The smiling faces provide a direct connection for people who have either not had medical resources or didn’t know where to start.

Attendee Encouraged for the Future

At our event in Albany, Oregon, a Guest of Honor came into the NBCF tent visibly upset. After talking with her, volunteers learned she had been diagnosed with breast cancer the day before. Trained staff encouraged her and connected her with a volunteer who was going through breast cancer treatment. By the time she left, her path seemed less harrowing. She left feeling encouraged.

NBCF Volunteer Testimonies Inspire Hope

In San Jose, California, one of the NBCF volunteers gave a personal example on why self-exams save lives. The volunteer’s mom wasn’t diagnosed until both breasts had lumps the size of golf balls. She used models on the tables to show Guests of Honor how big they were before a doctor identified them. 


As a breast cancer survivor herself, the volunteer told each woman how important self-checkups are. She had so much energy and real-life examples of why certain resources are important — a great example of women teaching women.

Find What You Need Today

Empowerment and prevention are possible with early detection and the right resources.
Whether you’re visiting a Community Event or speaking with a local health professional, you can access even more free resources on the National Breast Cancer Foundation website. Download free guides to inform your healthcare journey and learn how you can support other women worldwide.


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