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Community Events in San Benito & Orlando

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope was honored to host more than 7,000 Guests of Honor at Community Events in Orlando, Florida, and San Benito, Texas, last weekend. More than $1 million in goods and services were distributed including free groceries, shoes, health screenings, and more.

“We met families with children who were so happy to get new shoes just before school starts,” says Ron Showers, Senior Director of Community Enrichment. “We’re just honored to be able to facilitate events where people come together to help one another.”

More than 1,100 volunteers and numerous local organizations, churches, and agencies were essential partners in the outreaches. It’s couldn’t be more true to say that we are doing so much more together than we could apart.

At a recent Community Event in Wichita, Kansas, 100 local churches, businesses, and agencies joined together to serve more than 6,300 Guests of Honor, some of which lined up for the event before dawn.

“We’ve gotten off to a great start in 2013,” says Showers. “So far this year, we’ve served more than 32,000 people and we have more than a dozen stops to make before the end of the year.”

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Recently, #Kenya and #Somalia were hit with severe flooding, killing hundreds of people and forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes. Convoy of Hope is on the ground providing essential supplies such as food kits, tarps, and water filters: