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Community Events Highlight Valued Partnership With the National Breast Cancer Foundation

USA Reported by Convoy of Hope

From simply wearing a pink shirt to hosting a volleyball tournament to raise money for breast cancer research, people all over the U.S. are showing their support for breast cancer survivors this October.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month and every month, education and support for women is happening thanks to Convoy’s partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). 

NBCF is often a resource at Convoy’s Community Events. Between their easy-to-spot pink tent and smiling faces, they provide a direct connection for people who either do not have medical resources or don’t know where to start.

Anita volunteered at the Community Event in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this year. She was 44 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before her results came back, she found a lump through self-examination. Her initial test results came back negative, but she requested another screening and discovered the first test had been wrong.

Now Anita partners with NBCF to encourage other women to complete their self-exams and get screenings done. 

Empowerment and prevention are possible with early detection and the right resources. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is giving women a voice to advocate for themselves, get the proper screenings, and save their lives. Convoy is so thankful for our partnership with NBCF, their mission of early detection, and furthering breast cancer research.


This week Convoy team members visited the island of Mayreau — an island that was nearly erased by #HurricaneBeryl — to distribute supplies. In #Texas, 1.3 million people are still without power. Here's @Ethan_Forhetz with the latest update. Learn more at