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When Children Are Fed, So Are Their Dreams for the Future

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope
Francis — one of Convoy of Hope's Children's Feeding participants — poses with his soccer ball.

Francis loves soccer. He has big dreams for the future — dreams of becoming one of the best soccer players in the world, “like Messi, Ronaldo, and Mbappé.”

Francis also enjoys participating in PE class, but his favorite subjects are math and English. Though he enjoys school — specifically, soccer competitions — his family sometimes struggles to pay the fees required for Francis to attend school.

“I have seen my parents struggle to buy food for the family, pay school fees, and buy clothes,” Francis told Convoy of Hope.

Francis is a participant in Convoy’s Children’s Feeding program in Kenya, meaning he is fed regular, nutritious meals regardless of his family’s financial situation. “Convoy of Hope provides healthy — and enough — food,” he said. “It gives me energy to play and concentrate in class.” Francis especially likes when the meals include tomatoes and onions.

When a family no longer has to worry about where their children’s next meal will come from, a burden is lifted from their shoulders. They can focus on the future rather than making it day to day. This is especially critical when a disaster like drought strikes.

Kenya is currently experiencing a severe yearslong drought. As a result of several failed rainy seasons, livestock are dying off in droves and crops are failing. The Horn of Africa is on the brink of famine.

More Than a Meal

Convoy of Hope has been working in Kenya since 2007 through its Children’s Feeding initiative. In 2022, Convoy fed more than 9,400 Kenyan children regular, nutritious meals. Additionally, Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment and Agriculture programs enabled Convoy to partner with families on the road toward food security and long-term sustainability.

Thanks to your generosity, Francis has the energy to truly enjoy playing soccer with his friends, to concentrate in school, and to focus on his dreams for the future. To help more kids like Francis thrive in their communities, you can donate to Convoy’s Children’s Feeding initiative.


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