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Stella & Beatrice Rest in the Assurance of Fortified Food

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope

In Kenya, Convoy of Hope partners with an orphanage run by a woman named Beatrice. And she can tell a difference in the children who have had the fortified food Convoy helps provide. 

“I know [the orphanage] is transforming and changing lives,” she said. “I’m also giving them hope and a bright future. Most of them, when they came here, were quite desperate.”

One child who has a bright future ahead of her is Stella. She lost both of her parents, and she cries when she thinks of them. But her home with Beatrice and the assurance of the food she receives from Convoy has given her hope for a better future.

Stella is studying hard so she can receive the grades she needs to attend her dream high school. Stella’s favorite subjects in school are art, English, science, and social studies. She loves to play soccer and volleyball and write stories with her friends.

“When I eat this food, I have energy and good health that helps me finish my homework,” she said. “And I can help [Beatrice] make our home clean.”

Because of your generosity, Stella lives a full life — and doesn’t have to worry about where her next meal will come from.

To help more kids like Stella look forward to their future, you can donate to Convoy’s Children’s Feeding initiative. 

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