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Everlyne’s Big Dreams

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope

Kenya is experiencing a yearslong severe drought. While recent floods may seem like a solution to five years of failed rainy seasons, such a large amount of water in a short amount of time actually makes a bad situation much worse. 

The impact of the drought is still devastating. Malnutrition rates among children are at critical levels. It highlights the need for long-term solutions — solutions that will break the cycle of poverty and make an impact that lasts generations. Oftentimes, that starts with a meal.

Everlyne is a young girl living in Kenya. Though the drought killed all of the plants on Everlyne’s family’s farm, she still received food every day through Convoy of Hope’s feeding program at her school. 

At Everlyne’s school, Convoy provides local food staples, such as corn, beans, pumpkin, carrots, cabbages, oranges, and fortified rice and vegetables.

Everlyne’s favorite dish is a mix of corn, beans, pumpkin, and carrots. 

“[The food] helps me stay comfortable and do well in my academics,” Everlyne said. 

Academics are important to Everlyne — she is currently the class president at her school and plans to attend medical school when she graduates.

Everlyne has big dreams for the future. Because she is fed consistent meals at school, she has the energy to focus on her dreams and continue to work hard for her future.

Thank you for helping Convoy feed Everlyne and more than 533,000 kids around the world.


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