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Agriculture & Children’s Feeding Go Hand-in-Hand in Colombia

Colombia Reported by Convoy of Hope

Colombia is one of Convoy of Hope’s newest program countries. Programming started with Agriculture and has grown to include Children’s Feeding as well.

All of Convoy’s programming aims to address food insecurity and break the cycle of poverty. When a child is fed, a burden is taken off of their family. Their parents can think beyond just getting the next meal on the table. In Colombia, roughly 15.5 million people face food insecurity

Eleven-year-old Segundo has lived with his grandmother most of his life — since his parents left him when he was just a few weeks old. 

Despite the challenges of food insecurity, Segundo loves to play soccer with his friends, especially when he’s goalie. 

Raising her grandson has not been an easy road for Segundo’s grandma, Concisa. She recalls times when she had to choose what was most important to purchase for her family. 

But then she found out about Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program through friends at her church. Now, Concisa has peace of mind knowing that Segundo is being fed regular, nutritious meals. 

“He is happy,” she said. 

Colombia’s Children’s Feeding program is supported by the Agriculture program. Participating farmers grow things like tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce, and raise chickens. A portion of their produce supplements the meals in the Children’s Feeding program.

“This allowed the community to play a big role in helping feed local children, and they were proud to do this,” said Convoy’s Melanie Morgan. 

Because of your generosity, Convoy can train farmers in better agricultural practices and feed kids all over the world, creating change that lasts for generations.


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