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Access to Nutrition Brightens Juan’s Future

El Salvador Reported by Convoy of Hope
children's feeding program

Juan is one of the kids in Convoy’s Children’s Feeding program in El Salvador. Because he is fed regular, nutritious meals, Juan can dream about his future instead of worrying about the constant hunger pangs in his stomach.

Math is Juan’s favorite subject in school. “I like using my brain that way,” he told Convoy of Hope. He also likes to draw and wants to travel to the U.S. someday. After he finishes his schooling, he’d like to continue studying and become a doctor.

Juan lives in El Salvador — the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. Convoy of Hope began working in El Salvador in 1998 after Hurricane Mitch devastated the country. In 2007, Convoy launched its Children’s Feeding initiative to address the growing malnutrition rate for children in the country.

Malnutrition has a significant impact on a child’s brain and development. In early childhood, it can lead to stunted growth, delayed cognitive development, and poor academic performance due to deficits in memory and attention. On top of this, when a child is busy worrying about where their next meal is going to come from, they have a harder time focusing in school.

Many children in El Salvador — and around the world — do not have access to adequate nutrition. This hinders their growth and development and keeps them trapped in the cycle of poverty. Convoy’s Children’s Feeding program provides a lifeline to kids like Juan by ensuring they receive warm, nutritious meals that help them thrive.

To help more kids like Juan dream big and break the cycle of poverty, donate here. Your support can help provide kids all around the world with a brighter future.


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