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Single Mom’s Business to Break the Cycle of Poverty

El Salvador Reported by Convoy of Hope
business to break the cycle of poverty

For many, poverty is a generational struggle. But single-mom Candida is determined to use her business to break the cycle of poverty. With Convoy of Hope’s help, she is creating a better life for her children and future generations.

Candida lives in El Salvador. She works hard to raise her two children, Miguel and Marcos. As a second-generation single mother, Candida knows that the right opportunities can make a life-changing difference for years to come.

“Leading a home alone as a woman is difficult,” she said. “That’s how it was for my mother.”

That’s why she began building a better future for her children as soon as she had the chance. Candida joined Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment program and learned how to run a business. She began selling clothes, allowing her to grow her company and support her children.

“I can get ahead with my business thanks to the good-hearted people who allow these programs,” she said.

She sees to it that her children regularly receive nutritious meals at school through Convoy’s Children’s Feeding program, which helps them concentrate in class and get good grades.

“[The food] helps a lot because it has vitamins that give energy and help children concentrate at school,” Candida said. “It is a great blessing.”

Despite the time she spends providing for her family, Candida makes sure that she spends quality time with her children to help them learn and grow. She participates in educational programs with Miguel and Marcos, where they paint, color, and engage in activities designed to help their brains develop from an early age.

With the help of integrated programming, Candida is able to use her business to break the cycle of poverty. Her ultimate goal is to raise Miguel and Marcos into “good people who can help other people.”

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