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Adding to the Fleet

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Through the generous support of Speed the Light — a Convoy of Hope partner — two new trucks have been added to our fleet. These trucks will help transport food and supplies in support of our work helping those in need in the U.S. and around the world.

The trucks include a new tractor-trailer and box truck. That brings the fleet to 11 tractor-trailers and four box trucks.

“Speed the Light has been a tremendous partner to us as we help people in times of need,” says Convoy of Hope President Hal Donaldson. “Because of their generosity, we’re able to transport much needed supplies to support our Children’s Feeding initiative, Disaster Services, and Community Events.”

It’s estimated that Convoy of Hope trucks have traveled more than 1.5 million cumulative miles during the last 20 years.

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Before joining Convoy's Women's Empowerment program in #Ethiopia, Gebeyanesh worked in a factory, but didn’t earn enough to support her family. Then she met Convoy of Hope and everything changed. “It has transformed my whole life," she says: