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Hands of Hope Volunteers Pack Meals & Kindess

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Becky Stegner has been volunteering at Convoy of Hope’s weekly Hands of Hope event for over a decade.

“I think it’s great that people you don’t even know are going to benefit from the projects we did tonight,” Becky remarked while unboxing groceries for an upcoming distribution event. “They’re probably going to be super thankful for it and just think, ‘If somebody took time out of their evening in the middle of the week to help me, I should look for something to do to help somebody else down the road.’”

Although the pandemic has required that volunteer opportunities take on a new form in order to keep participants safe, chances for people to donate their time have not been in short supply. Around the world, Convoy of Hope’s partners have been pitching in to prove that with a little time and effort, you can make a big difference in the world.

“Volunteering is important for Convoy,” Convoy of Hope’s Volunteer Engagement Project Coordinator Bethany Burrows pointed out. “It provides an opportunity for people to give. It’s a great way to easily acquaint people with our initiatives and the vision and heart behind the organization. In general, I love volunteering because it can give people a way to create community and provide purpose and create change in lives with minimal financial and time commitment.”

Bethany went on to explain that volunteer opportunities have helped cultivate some of her closest friendships and shaped her career over the years.

Volunteer helping pack meals at Hands of Hope

“Our volunteers help contribute to the quality and quantity of the assistance we provide others,” Volunteer Engagement Manager, Laura Tourville added. “We would not be able to accomplish as much we do as an organization without the sacrifice and dedication of our volunteers continually showing up to provide hope to those that need it.”

From Community Events and grocery distributions, kit packing parties, and disaster response initiatives, Convoy of Hope is able to help people because of our volunteers. We are incredibly grateful for the ways our supporters have chosen to give their time throughout the past year, and how they’ve prioritized the safety of those involved.

As a new year begins, we are excited to see how people like you will choose to make a difference.

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Before joining Convoy's Women's Empowerment program in #Ethiopia, Gebeyanesh worked in a factory, but didn’t earn enough to support her family. Then she met Convoy of Hope and everything changed. “It has transformed my whole life," she says: