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Five Ways Volunteers Can Change Lives Around the World

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Volunteers are the heartbeat in what we do as an organization. Without them, Convoy of Hope could not make the impact we do.

“Our volunteers contribute to the quality and quantity of the assistance we provide others,” Convoy of Hope’s Volunteer Engagement Manager Laura Tourville said. “We would not be able to accomplish as much we do as an organization without the sacrifice and dedication of our volunteers continually showing up to provide hope to those that need it.”

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, here are a few ways to volunteer with Convoy of Hope. 

  • Hygiene Kits & Baby Care Kits are full of resources that disaster survivors and people in crisis need. You can pack kits at home, with your church or community group, or with a handful of friends. Ship the kits to our World Distribution Center and we will get them into the hands of people who need them most. To learn more or sign up, click here.

  • Community Events have looked different since the pandemic. To keep our volunteers and Guests of Honor safe, we’ve adopted a contactless point of distribution model. It takes teamwork to distribute groceries, hygiene kits, and other necessities to thousands of people at our events. Masking, social distancing, and hard work are top priority. To learn more, click here.

  • Disaster Response is one of Convoy of Hope’s most well-known initiatives. We respond swiftly to natural disasters and humanitarian crises with the help of volunteers in affected areas. Volunteers help with delivery of supplies, debris removal, and other tasks to deliver hope when survivors need it most. To learn more about our disaster services team, click here. To inquire about and apply for a volunteer position [email protected]

  • Truck Drivers often help Convoy of Hope on a volunteer basis and deliver supplies to communities who need them. On both long and short hauls, our volunteer truck drivers are pivotal to the work we do domestically. To apply to be a driver, click here.

  • Hands of Hope is an opportunity for people in and around Springfield, Missouri, to serve at Convoy of Hope’s World Distribution Center. The event takes place most Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Central time. Volunteers participate in projects like sorting and bagging groceries, packing hygiene products, and prepping baby care kits. To get involved, click here.

“I think it’s great that people you don’t even know are going to benefit from the projects we did tonight,” Becky Stegner, a decade-long Hands of Hope volunteer said. “They’re probably going to be super thankful for it and think, ‘If somebody took time out of their evening in the middle of the week to help me, I should look for something to do to help somebody else down the road.’”

Volunteer opportunities are everywhere, and the impact one person can make by giving their time is endless. Thank you to all of the people who have shared hope around the world by volunteering, wherever they are.


Today, we’re celebrating #Juneteenth! The holiday celebrates African American history and culture, and the end of slavery on June 19, 1865. Juneteenth not only calls us to reflect on history, but also the continued work ahead.
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