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Three Ways To Help Convoy of Hope Empower Women

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Last week we saw incredible support for women on International Women’s Day. Convoy of Hope believes that when women are given strength and dignity, it not only impacts their families, but their entire communities as well. This is why Convoy empowers women each day to make strategic, independent life choices. Convoy needs your help!

Women in developing countries often lack the education, opportunity, and confidence to support themselves and their families. With your support, Convoy of Hope can help train women in necessary nutrition, health, and everyday skills, and can even help them start their own business.

Here are 3 ways you can help empower women with Convoy of Hope.

1. Spread the Word as an Advocate

Being an advocate is one of the easiest ways to make an impact! Just by talking about the women who need support and by raising awareness for their situation, you are supporting them. This can be as easy as telling a friend about the Women’s Empowerment program over coffee or sharing a woman’s story with a post on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Host an Event

An empowering party is a party with a purpose! Gather your friends and neighbors to learn about some of the women whose lives were changed through Women’s Empowerment, while also enjoying activities themed from their stories. Not only is this a good way to spread the word, but it is a great opportunity to get your friends actively involved in this great cause. Learn more about throwing your own party to empower at

3. Donate

Whether it’s a one-time gift or a monthly commitment, your donation goes to significantly impact a woman’s life. A one-time gift of $25 would sponsor a girl in Girls’ Empowerment. It would help her attend weekly meetings where she would learn about topics like health, hygiene, and harmful cultural practices. Your one-time gift can her finish school and pursue job opportunities.

A recurring monthly gift of $25 for a year would provide seed capital for a woman to start her own business. This does not come in the form of a loan, but as a tangible gift in the form of seed capital. You can donate online here. Learn more about how to get involved with Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment program at


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