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Innovative Giving in a Health Crisis

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of Hope Quarterly. Scott Howard has since passed away, leaving a legacy that will touch lives for generations.

Scott Howard’s life took a dramatic turn last fall. Immediately after returning from a Convoy of Hope board meeting, he was hospitalized due to unexplained blood loss. The tests came back, and he discovered he not only had a severe bleeding ulcer, but his cancer had returned. He began chemotherapy treatments right away. But, even in the midst of these complications and hardships, Scott found ways to give back.

“While I was in the hospital, I received a call from Convoy of Hope asking if the food bank affiliated with our church would want to take thousands of frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” he recalls. “Getting that call fulfilled one of my life goals of reaching people positively, even while I was very weak and in the hospital.”

Scott also promotes giving as the owner of a business. “One of the most exciting things I’ve been involved with is seeing my employees get involved through One Day to Feed the World and feedONE,” he says.

“Over eight weeks, our employees chose to give 1 hour of their salary per week through a payroll deduction. Watching them give and get involved as a group was incredibly exciting.”

Scott’s relationship with Convoy of Hope was born out of a very personal experience. “After the earthquake in Haiti, someone at Convoy asked me if I wanted to join him to see where Convoy was doing disaster relief and development. During that trip, God gave me a heart of compassion.”

But it was his experience in business that led him into a deeper connection with Convoy of Hope. “As a businessman, I look at financials. I also look at other sources like Charity Navigator for their rating of the organization and membership in ECFA.”

And it’s because of those meaningful experiences that Scott and his wife, Janet, opened a donor advised fund (DAF) with Convoy of Hope.

“Convoy of Hope’s DAF is an incredible tool for high-net-worth individuals or families to give through, but many people have not heard about it. It’s a great way to give without the cost and hassle of a private family foundation.”

Scott continues to serve through Convoy of Hope and his community in the midst of his battle with cancer. We are thankful for his encouragement, leadership, and courage in giving generously, even in personal times of crisis.

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