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The Happiest Way to Live

Reported by Convoy of Hope

“We were watching a program about children who needed help,” remembers Nora Christenson, “when Norman turned to me and said, ‘I can’t go to sleep tonight until I respond to that.’”

Nora and her late husband were busy entrepreneurs. They bought a ranch and several marinas, all while enjoying their growing family. They gave generously to many different charities, and Nora recalls Norman’s sleep-challenged night as the impetus to their giving journey.

Nora first connected with Convoy of Hope when she sponsored a Convoy Community Event in her town of Fresno, California. She also volunteered as a greeter that day. “I was so blessed to see the needs of children met through Convoy of Hope,” she says.

“For years I’ve been asking God, ‘Let me see people like You see them.’”

Nora, 84, is a member of the Hope Society and has a strong desire to pass on a legacy.

“Money is just one way to give,” she insists. “For years I’ve been asking God, ‘Let me see people like You see them.’” Nora believes good stewardship goes beyond giving funds to include reaching out to others— loving them more than you love yourself and knowing people around the world are truly brothers and sisters.

Years ago, Nora set up a Donor Advised Fund and a Charitable Remainder Trust to make the most of her giving. She has also named Convoy of Hope in her estate plan through a trust.

When asked about her greatest joy in giving, she responds, “Giving is the happiest way to live. We’ve realized that everything we have comes from God; it’s all about Him.”

Consider Your Legacy

  1. What problem in the world keeps you up at night?
  2. Which area(s) of Convoy of Hope are you deeply connected to?
  3. Have you explored the best ways to make the most of your giving?

Please email [email protected] or click here if you’d like to explore creative ways to maximize your giving.


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