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Cultivating a New Life: Esmara’s Story

Nicaragua Reported by Convoy of Hope

In Nicaragua, where a large number of people live off of less than $3.20 per day, life is not always easy. Adding a kidney infection, depression, and a blood pressure disorder makes it even harder for Esmara. But she will be the first to tell you: She is a fighter.

“I have recovered from much worse things,” she said. “So yes, I can handle this.”

Esmara lives her life with determination — she has to. Her daughter depends on it. While her husband was unemployed last year, he did as well. Now as a participant in Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program, Esmara provides and produces an income for herself and her loved ones.

Convoy of Hope started a community garden called, “Manos Amigas” (Spanish for, “Helping Hands”) not far from Esmara’s home. There, she learned about proper agricultural practices, pest control, irrigation, and how to run a business.

“I was very motivated to learn, continue, and fight. It has been a beautiful experience,” she said.

After seeing how successful her efforts were at Manos Amigas, Esmara took some of the excess produce home to plant in her own yard. She and her husband created another garden, which helped them generate even more income and food for their family.

“Working the land here, which we did not do before, we have seen that economically we have met many needs. And this allows us to live much better than we did before,” Esmara said.

Now that she has started a new life full of hope, Esmara’s wish is for others in her community to adopt her new agricultural practices.

“I project myself as an enterprising, capable woman, being a great farmer,” she said. “People who see my example can know that you can become independent … to work and get out of poverty. And in my area, there are many people in need. And I think they can do it.”

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