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Show Your Support On World Refugee Day 2023

Sudan Reported by Convoy of Hope
World Refugee Day 2023

According to the U.N. Refugee Agency, a refugee is “someone who has been forced to flee [their] country because of persecution, war, or violence. … Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so.”

A refugee differs from an internally displaced person (IDP), because an IDP is someone who has been forced to flee their home but never crosses an international border. They are displaced, but not seeking refuge outside of their country.

What Causes Someone to Become a Refugee?

Devastating violence is a reality for many refugees fleeing conflict or persecution in their home countries. All over the world, people are forced to flee their homes to maintain their safety and well-being. Leaving is not an easy choice, and it often comes with many challenges. 

Sudanese Refugees

The conflict in Sudan has forced many to flee the country. In South Sudan, Convoy of Hope is assisting individuals and families at a refugee camp. Rami, an 8-year-old boy from Sudan, is one of them.

After Rami’s mother was killed during the current conflict in Sudan, he fled and traveled alone to the refugee camp. Before he crossed the border, he was injured when a stray bullet caught his eye. Because of Convoy’s presence in South Sudan, Rami is getting the help he needs.

Refugee Interventions Around the World

At any given time, Convoy is helping refugees affected by tragic circumstances around the world. Right now:

  • Over 6.2 million Ukrainians are seeking refuge outside of Ukraine because of the war.
  • Roughly 2 million Afghans have fled their country because of violence and oppression.
  • Venezuelans have fled the social, economic, and political crisis in their country.
  • Syrians have fled into Lebanon to escape persecution and a decade-long conflict.
  • Somalis have fled into Kenya to escape a decades-long civil war.

How Can I Help Refugees on World Refugee Day 2023?

The assistance Convoy of Hope provides to refugees looks similar to a disaster response. Convoy provides immediate relief in the form of food, water, hygiene kits, baby care kits, clothing, and more to help refugees as they try to establish a new life in a new environment.

You can help Convoy of Hope assist refugees by donating to The Crisis Relief Fund. Through Convoy of Hope, refugees receive immediate relief, giving them hope for a better future.


🚨 #Tornado Update 🚨 Early this morning, severe weather through the Gulf Coast spun off tornadoes, causing damage in Slidell, #Louisiana. Convoy of Hope is in contact with partners on the ground and a load of essential supplies are en route to the affected area:…