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Flooding in Kenya & Somalia Displace More Than 1 Million People

Kenya Reported by Convoy of Hope

December 1, 2023 | 10:10 a.m.

Severe flooding in Kenya and Somalia has killed at least 120 people in Kenya and nearly 100 in Somalia. Almost 90,000 households have been forced to leave their homes in Kenya alone. In Somalia, 695,000 people have been displaced and this number is growing every day. Heavy seasonal rains caused the flooding, exacerbated by the yearslong drought in the same region. 

When a region that has undergone a prolonged drought suddenly experiences floods, a bad situation becomes much worse. Hardened, dry soil is unable to absorb water. Flooding swiftly erodes topsoil, diminishes fertility, and carries pollutants, contaminating water for drinking and agriculture. 

This threatens human and livestock health while drowning crops, damaging farmland, and causing waterlogging and soil salinity, hindering agricultural recovery.

The situation in East Africa has continued to deteriorate, but Convoy of Hope is responding. Local sourcing of tarps and water filters aims to provide shelter and clean drinking water for those displaced from their homes. Immediate plans include distributing food kits to ensure families and children have enough to eat in the coming days. 

To help Convoy bring relief in response to flooding in Kenya and Somalia, donate here.


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