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Convoy Delivering Relief After Somalia Flood

Reported by Convoy of Hope
Somalia flood

June 22, 2023 | 10:05 p.m.

Heavy rainfall in central Somalia has caused extreme flooding, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. Convoy of Hope is working with partners in the area to distribute vital supplies and provide relief to those left devastated. 

Somalia is currently experiencing a years-long drought that has killed off livestock in droves and caused mass food insecurity. Though heavy rain may sound like a good thing for a drought-stricken area, the flooding exacerbated the challenges faced by an already vulnerable population. It will take much more consistent rain to effectively alleviate the impact of the severe drought.

The heavy floods displaced a large proportion of individuals with physical disabilities. The disabled community has faced even greater challenges during this disaster, as their mobility and ability to work is further limited. 

Ahmed, a visually-impaired single father of four was severely impacted by the floods, as his home was completely destroyed. Since he is missing both of his hands, he faces many additional challenges trying to work and provide for his children.

At the distribution, Ahmed and his family received food from Convoy of Hope.

“Your timely assistance saved us from hunger and gave us hope,” he said. “We are deeply grateful for your unwavering support.”

To help provide relief for flood survivors in Somalia, you can donate to Convoy’s Crisis Relief Fund here.


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