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Help Is on the Way: A Greeting From Convoy President Hal Donaldson

Reported by Convoy of Hope

By Hal Donaldson

In 2022, friends like you made it possible for Convoy of Hope to deliver help and hope to people around the world. You put smiles on millions of faces.

You responded when millions of Ukrainians were displaced. You gave to survivors when Hurricane Ian plowed across Florida. You rushed food and emergency supplies to Africa in response to drought and famine. And, you expanded our Children’s Feeding, Women’s Empowerment, and Agriculture initiatives to tens of thousands around the world.

Businesses, churches, partners, and friends like you linked arms so that …

  • More than 500,000 children could receive regular, nutritious meals at school.
  • Vulnerable women could become small-business owners.
  • Farmers could gain tools and training to increase their harvests.
  • And families in communities across the U.S. could receive much-needed help in the wake of disasters and a pandemic.

Rest assured, Convoy of Hope will continue to serve children and families in 2023. Thank you for your compassionate and generous heart. Because of you, people are escaping poverty and finding lasting hope.

God bless you.

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