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Going the Distance To Bring Hope

Reported by Convoy of Hope

Driving for Convoy of Hope is more than just driving a truck on the highway. When a tractor-trailer leaves the Convoy of Hope World Distribution Center, lives are changed. 

Convoy of Hope’s driving team is made up of an exceptional, well-experienced group of people who are dedicated to changing the world, one mile at a time. We have several drivers who’ve individually driven more than 3 million miles and a couple who have hit the 4 million mile mark. In 2018, the transportation team drove more than 500,000 miles around the country. Tractor-trailers filled with supplies delivered food, water, hygiene kits, baby items, and disaster relief supplies to communities in need. 

“Convoy of Hope’s transportation team involves moving millions of pounds of supplies quickly and efficiently,” says Mike Coble, Convoy of Hope’s Transportation Safety and Compliance Manager. “The driving team is a critical part of making this happen. Accomplishing this takes skill and dedication, but it also takes a heart to serve people in need. That is the reason why we drive.”

At any given moment, Convoy of Hope drivers are all over the U.S. representing the organization and supporting the work we do. We might have a driver at a park in Chicago helping prepare for a Community Event, another in the Appalachian Mountains supporting Rural Initiatives, and another in Florida providing disaster relief supplies after a hurricane. People frequently wait in anticipation for our drivers to arrive, because they know our trucks carry the resources they need to survive.

A Convoy of Hope driver could be a former farmer, fireman, veteran, school teacher, career truck driver, business owner, or even a minister. Regardless of their background, our drivers have all gone through formal training and met a list of requirements. The forty member driving team — made up of primarily volunteers — helps Convoy deliver hope around the country.


Where was hope in 2023? For Convoy of Hope, last year was full of heartfelt stories, transformed lives, and major milestones. Here's a quick recap:

In 2023 ...
🍽️ 571,000+ children engaged in strategic feeding program
👩‍🌾 30,000+ farmers trained
🌷 48,000+ women and girls…