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Convoy of Hope’s Supply Chain Delivers Help & Hope

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Supply Chain Delivers Help & Hope

There are many moving parts required for a successful disaster response. Some of those are familiar: the tractor-trailers with Convoy of Hope’s logo on the side, the friendly faces of the people passing out supplies, the people standing in front of a camera to deliver news about what we are doing around the world. But there are many others who work behind the scenes, such as Convoy of Hope’s Supply Chain team. 

“Some people want to be the one that’s actually out front passing out the water. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s needed,” Erick Meiers, Vice President of Supply Chain, states. “But if you’re on this side of the Supply Chain, you’ve got to be comfortable with pulling that product, counting that product, loading that product, and doing it again.” 

Supply Chain is responsible for sourcing, transporting, and delivering products to those in need. Erick usually stays out of the limelight. For him, applying his talents behind the scenes to help others is a calling that might as well be tailor made. 

Without people like Erick and the Supply Chain team, Convoy of Hope couldn’t have helped those affected by COVID-19. Erick’s team procured, stored, and distributed record-breaking quantities of product in 2020, and he encouraged his team to take heart despite the precarious circumstances. Although staying home and putting their work on pause was not an option, Erick saw this time as a chance for his team to face the challenge head on while maintaining a smart, safe approach to their work. 

“We knew from the very beginning that it wasn’t time to lay down. And we have a team that, when they’re asked to perform, they do. In the very beginning we said, ‘Alright, let’s be smart. Let’s be eating lunches by ourselves. When you’re talking to somebody, talk to them, but let’s use good precautionary measures because all of us need to stay healthy.’ That was a critical piece,” Erick explains. 

Erick stated that he is particularly excited for Convoy of Hope to complete our new distribution center, where the Supply Chain team can store even more product and expand our capacity to help others. 

Thanks to people like Erick Meier and the Supply Chain team working behind the scenes, Convoy of Hope is able to continue providing help and hope to those in need. 


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