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We have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate.

Last year brought with it some amazing milestones. Milestones that we are excited to share with you at the beginning of what promises to be an exceptional year.

We officially served more than 250 million people since 1994. What began as a small food distribution out of the back of a borrowed pickup truck has grown into a global movement of kindness.

In 2023, we also passed the $2.5-billion mark in relief distributed since Convoy began.

And in a testament to the kindness and compassion of our supporters, we have officially partnered with more than 1 million volunteers across the world. That’s 1 million compassionate people who have a heart for the vulnerable.

These numbers are incredible. But our work still comes down to one. One child, one farmer, one woman, one disaster survivor, one community — and one driving passion.

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Where was hope in 2023? For Convoy of Hope, last year was full of heartfelt stories, transformed lives, and major milestones. Here's a quick recap:

In 2023 ...
🍽️ 571,000+ children engaged in strategic feeding program
👩‍🌾 30,000+ farmers trained
🌷 48,000+ women and girls…